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Our Uniform

All pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 must wear the correct school uniform at all times.  


We believe that one of the most important reasons for maintaining a strict code with regard to uniform is that it should serve to prevent pupils feeling uncomfortable if they cannot afford items that other pupils have, for example expensive trainers.  


If your child cannot conform to the uniform regulations for a genuine reason he or she must be provided with a note from you to explain why on the day that this occurs.  The Achievement Director or Pastoral Officer will provide the pupil with a uniform slip for them to produce in lessons for subject teachers.  If pupils do not conform to the uniform guidelines you maybe asked  to bring in correct uniform for them. 

The uniform identifies pupils as part of the school community and it is expected that all pupils wear their uniform correctly and dress appropriately.  Please note:

  • Pupils are not allowed fashion jewellery other than a wrist watch and a small pair of stud earrings in the ear lobe  - no other piercings are allowed

  • Hairstyle must be appropriate, with no shaved patterns, and hair must not be dyed or bleached.

  • Nail varnish and make up are not allowed, acrylic nails are a health and safety hazard within school and are not acceptable

  • All uniform should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name (especially ties and blazers).

  • Only school uniform should be worn to and from school and throughout the school day.  

  • Hats and coats should be removed on entry to the school building.

  • Non-uniform items may be confiscated.

In the event of any dispute regarding appearance, the Head Teacher’s decision will be final.


  • Black blazer with Broomfield School badge

  • Black V neck pullover or cardigan with Broomfield School badge or plain (no sweatshirts or hoodies)

  • Black trousers with Broomfield School badge or plain (no leggings, jeggings, skin-tight/close fitting trousers)

  • Black and white tartan kilt  with Broomfield School badge (girls)

  • Plain white shirt with collar

  • School tie (in Year Group Colour)

  • Plain black shoes with no markings (no trainers, including ‘Air Force’ type, or canvas shoes or boots)

  • A sensible outdoor coat (no logos).  Denim or leather jackets and hoodies are not allowed.

  • A sensible hat (no logos or caps).


Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be black or white. Face veils are not allowed.

A long black skirt may be worn on top of Broomfield trousers, also for religious reasons.

PE Kit

  • Broomfield PE polo shirt with school badge and house

  • Black tracksuit bottoms and/or black shorts with Broomfield School badge or plain

  • Grey Sweatshirt with Broomfield School badge and house

  • Trainers

Pupils wear full PE kit every to school on days when they have PE even if they feel ill or are injured.  


If there is any reason why they are unable to wear their full kit they should bring a note to explain this.  


Failure to do this will result in a PE detention. 

Second Hand Uniform

The school holds some stock of second hand uniform, please contact your Achievement Director or the School Office for further information. Pre-loved uniform is also available from Smiths Schoolwear.

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