Transition to Broomfield

2021 Induction Evening

A special welcome

2021 update - In July 2021 we were unable to welcome our new pupils and their families in the normal way and our transition process is had to be adapted to the circumstances we are currently living in. We held a very successful online Induction Evening and two transition events to support our nee pupils in preparing to join us in September 2021.

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At Broomfield we are proud of the programme we provide to support both children and their families on the journey from Primary to Secondary. We recognise that this time can be one of many emotions excitement, trepidation and enthusiasm. We ensure that from Secondary Offer Day onwards you have access to all the information you need about Broomfield School.


We run an early Transition Day in March, which allows you to meet the Head Teacher and gives your child the opportunity to spend the day at Broomfield meeting our staff, and pupils and sampling a day at their new secondary school. 

This is followed in June by our Transition Evening which we encourage you to attend with your child.

At the same time our staff go out and visit our primary feeder schools, meeting the Year 6 teachers and finding out everything we need to know to help your child settle into Broomfield.

We then offer two Induction Days in July.

The first day focuses on children who have SEND needs, are the only child coming from a school or, for whom it has been highlighted, may struggle with the Transition process.

The second day is for the entire cohort where they spend the day with us meeting their Form Tutor and new friends and leave with their Broomfield School tie ready for September.

In September we look to settle the children into Year 7 as quickly and smoothly as possible. They arrive on the first day at 8.45am and we find that they quickly settle into the new routine of Broomfield life.

We encourage all of our Year 7 pupils to participate in extra-curricular activities, offering them all free music tuition for the academic year and encouraging them all to attend our residential trips.