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E-Safety for pupils

Technology is a massive part of modern life and one that is useful in school and out. When used correctly technology gives us vast amounts of information and resources as well as fun and games. We encourage all pupils to use technology and to enjoy using it in a safe and productive manner.


Carry on reading to get some important advice on how to be safe when working online:


Use websites recommended by teachers and use a student friendly search engine when working online.


Only email people you know and never open emails from people you do not know or who are not in your address book.


Use Internet chat rooms, websites, instant messaging etc. with caution and make sure you know how to block and report unwanted users just in case you do experience a problem at any time.

Personal Info

Never give out any personal information about yourself, your friends or your family online, including home address, phone or mobile number. Remember photos or streaming in your school uniform identifies where you go to school, so can things you have on your wall.


Never arrange to meet anyone alone who you have not met previously face to face and always tell an adult first before you go off to meet an e-pal.


Tell a responsible adult immediately if you encounter anything you are unhappy with.

Check out this website for more information on keeping safe online



If you ever have any concerns about things being, said or happening online you MUST report it either to a adult - parent, teacher etc or via


If you have concerns and do not know who to speak to remember Childline is always there to help

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