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Our mission

Our main mission is to raise funds for the school and pupils, increase the facilities available to everyone and make it a better place for inspiring, learning and teaching. We aim to increase the reputation of the school by integrating into the community through events and parents to be more involved and work closely with the school. With Mr Travis acting as our chair and Miss Bignell acting as our secretary, till we vote for new committee members in September 2019, we have set a plan for the forth coming events to help raise much needed funds. Our PTA is open to everyone who is a parent or guardian of a child in the school so everyone is automatically a member.

Launch Event

Broomfield Family Picnic 30th June 2019

On June 30th we will be hosting our first ever event. We are organising a picnic on the school playing fields for the whole school and their staff and to welcome the New Year 7 families starting in September 2019, to the school. If you have any ideas to make this a fantastic day, come to our next meeting on 7th May 16.45pm. If you are unable to attend but still want to know what was discussed, email us and we can forward the topics discussed.

How can I volunteer?

Come to our meetings held roughly every month. The next one is on 11th June at 4.30pm. You can contact us with your name and a way to contact you through our email address;

I have no time!!

That’s not a problem. There are many other ways you can help without donating your time. You can donate money or things we might need for projects. You could forward contacts of services from your friends, family members or your own businesses. You could ask your employer if they do match funding or if you own your own business, consider advertising with the school. Or you can just come to the events we organise and support the school this way.

I don't like meetings!

Who does! We are happy to talk to you over the phone, text, email or over a quick cuppa during the day. Just let us know who you are at an event or by our email:

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