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FS2004 FSD Piper Cheyenne 400 LSzip




Best OXP Aircrafts Michelin PL700 2001 - S Michelin PL700 2001 - R Tested 737-200 & 737-300 Fleets ------ FYI... June 24, 2010 The FSD - a very nice touch! I had just been looking into a Dassault Falcon 50, and was about to write-off the FSD, but then, I just had to see the FSD first-hand. What a great aircraft! I think it is the best 737 in the world. The ground performance, especially with the MTOM, the view, the comfort, the noise, and the equipment is just amazing. When I walked into the cabin, I was just amazed. The FSD was the best aircraft I have ever been in, in my life! Some history: I flew a previous generation Dassault Falcon 20 in the late 1980's. I also flew a Hawker Siddeley 748-200, but my favorite aircraft was an AMG Atlas. The FSD is so very nice to fly! The only thing that would keep me from buying one of these aircrafts is a lack of standardization. Although, I am sure that is being worked on. The FSD is a fantastic aircraft, no doubt. It is an amazing, comfortable, quiet, and stable aircraft. For anyone to say that the FSD is over-priced is just plain silly. Those prices are justified by the quality of the FSD, the build quality of the aircraft, and the passion and care that goes into making an aircraft like this. The FSD was built for Dassault. But even though Dassault is getting out of the airplane business, this aircraft is destined for another owner (which is why it was not sold at auction). Either way, this aircraft will be flying for a long time to come! FSD is a pretty unique airplane. Although its a license version of the 737-700 (same as the BAe 125 or Cessna Citation V), it is built more for the European market, where they don't want to pay for the "luxury" features that the BAe 125 gets. That's why they eliminated the power-boost, power-slats, and extended flaps on this plane. It's very rare to see a power-slat and/or




FS2004 FSD Piper Cheyenne 400 LSzip

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