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886[] » In a new article at Variety, filmmakers talk about the demise of the theatrical release in Hollywood and what that means to the future of movies. The article gives an overview of the studios actions in dealing with digital distribution and movie piracy, as well as an opinion on the future of the movie industry. | Metadot » Making Of: A Tale Of Two Directors A brief documentary detailing the collaboration between Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli with producer Toshio Suzuki on Howl's Moving Castle. In addition, the song "Paprika" (with its music video featuring the book cover art) was released on their 5th studio album, Fantastic Planet. | Metadot » Howl's Moving Castle A second book by Miyazaki was also published around the same time. Howl's Moving Castle is a fantasy story of an apprentice witch and her cat.Riding a bus through heavy traffic is often a frustrating experience. If you're driving your own car and look forward to being productive while on the bus, you're not alone. It's a common fear among riders, but thankfully the bus is equipped with wifi and a computer monitor you can use. Obviously the bus has a WiFi router built in, but if you want to use it while on the bus, you're out of luck. The bus is connected to a tracking system run by the State Department of Transportation, and your bus driver has the ability to turn off WiFi. "That may sound scary at first, but that's what makes this bus cool," said Lorin Leon, the CEO of BusMoni, a San Francisco startup that's developed a computer monitor that you can plug in to your device's USB port so you can use your own laptop on the bus. "You can plug in a device to your bus WiFi and you can use it. You don't need any special software, no software to download, nothing," he said. Leon says that in some cases, the bus can also be used for emergency purposes. If the bus has a trained EMT on board, they can control the WiFi and be able to use a device to communicate with emergency responders. BusMoni's computer monitor is capable of streaming video and has other features like a touch screen, built in battery and a $99 pricetag. The monitor uses an embedded processor that allows it to use WiFi, Bluetooth and a cell phone SIM card to communicate with the bus




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Barbed.Wire.City.The.Unauthorized.Story.Of.ECW.DVD Rip.x264-19977 fesbetu

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