Year 9 Boys football game Vs. Edmonton Green

Our year 9 boys completed their second football fixture in the space of two weeks.

The team experienced a very energetic first half with numerous of goal scoring opportunities. The team could have scored three goals in the first half. However, it was 1-1 at half time.

Overall the structure of the team improved dramatically since the previous fixture. It was evident that the boys were working well together as a team. This was reflected my a mixture of dogged defending and by the amount of possession that the team had.

Although the game finished 3-1, I am excited to take the boys to the next fixture. Subconsciously, the boys know that they can take their performance to the next level by rolling up their sleeves, digging deep and working hard.

Well done today boys! There is plenty of potential in this team. Continue to learn, develop and grow and we will get that well deserved win that we crave and deserve.

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