Year 9 Boys basketball game Vs. Southgate School

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Our year 9 boys completed their second basketball fixture this year.

What a transformation from the Highlands defeat. It was evident that this team would not go down without a fight. This was reflected in various aspects of the game.

During the first quarter, the team defended well. Decision making improved dramatically. For example, both Arda and Liam passed the ball well which resulted in consecutive baskets being scored.

During the second quarter, Southgate attacked with intent which resulted in fouls being committed and with them scoring easy baskets. However, the team was not willing to give up. Ephraim’s defending was dogged and Ronnie’s distribution improved.

In the third quarter, a variety of substitutes were made and this added more energy and spark to the team. Mario scored an important basket and Vasili’s direct attacking style and fluent passing resulted in consecutive baskets being scored.

During the final quarter, various substitutions were made and Broomfield continued to attack with intent.

Although the game finished 20-25 with Broomfield losing, there were many positives to take from the game. All students on the basketball panel are willing to work hard and fight for positions on the team and they are scoring more baskets throughout the game due to good decision making.

Since the boys have completed an extra training session today, they have improved dramatically. Consequently, we will be adding an extra training session during lunch each week to help them to continue to progress. Hopefully this will help them to get their first competitive win this year. Well done lads. Keep up the great work!

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