Year 8 Boys Football team vs Chace

The year 8 boys played Chace today. The match was the best performance of the year so far- formation was solid with a 5-4-2 being played. The boys took an early lead as Yousef chipped a ball to Reward who struck it into the back of the net. Chace fought their way back and had a few shots on target which were saved by Enes. However, our boys made a poor tackle in the box and conceded penalty, Chace converted it. Chace then took the lead by scoring another 2 goals. Broomfield however never gave up and worked at a 100% to not only score once but twice! This meant the score was 3-3 and there were five minutes left of the game. It was a nail biting last few minutes with both teams having a few chances, in the dying seconds of the game Chace scored making the final score 4-3.

Despite being disappointed with the result, Broomfield showed ettiquette and shook hands with the opposition. Player of the match was Reward, who scored a hat trick!

Boys, you have taking massive steps to improve- good luck to you for the rest of the season!

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