Year 11 Netball Tournament at Latymer

The Year 11 girls netball team (captained by Sara) played in a Senior Girls Netball tournament at Latymer on Wednesday 9th October. Despite being up against very established school teams with a lot of club players, the girls played well as a team and worked hard to improve each game. Mrs Tansley set them the challenge of first centre pass - first goal. Which they managed in 4 out of their 5 games! Well done girls.

Players of the matches were:

vs Latymer Y11 - Jenai for showing incredible stamina playing Centre

vs Enfield County - Alex for demonstrating power with every jump as she intercepted lots of the passes playing Goal Defence

vs Latymer Y12 - Rochelle as Goal Keeper for showing determination against a very talented Goal Shooter.

vs Latymer Y13 - Rosie for demonstrating great agility as Wing Attack and getting into space to receive the pass

vs St Anne’s - Aasiya for successfully shooting and demonstrating great accuracy.

Player of the tournament goes to Sara for demonstrating great cardio-vascular endurance and stamina. Sara played Centre, Goal Attack and Goal Shooter across the tournament.

Well done to all the team for working hard and for representing Broomfield.

The Year 11 Netball team - Aasiya, Sadiyo, Sabiha, Jenai, Sara, Alex, Rochelle and Rosie

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