Tower of London - Yr 9

Year 9'

s took a trip to the Tower of London on Wednesday 24th April. During the visit, they took part in a workshop where they had to recreate the trial of Carl Lody, a German man who was suspected of spying on the British during World War I. Sumayyah played Lody, whilst Alex was the judge. The prosecution was led by Anastaisa, who really made Lody uncomfortable! Lucian led the defence, with some excellent objections and thought provoking points. Finally it was up to the jury, led by Kaziah to decide. It was a very tight call, but in the end they found Lody guilty! Sumayyah was led away by Dillon and Diyar to be executed by firing squad, which is what happened to Lody in real life.

The students were exemplary in representing the school and had a great day.

‘It was a fun experience’ – Isra

‘I loved all of it. My favourite part was looking at the graffiti left by prisoners of the Tower. It was very eerie’ – Miski

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