The Final of the Broomfield School Zoom House Competition - 27th April

The motion was “This House believes that womens’ football should have the same amount of air-time on TV and the same funding as mens’ football.”

The debate was extensive and exciting. Mr Balnave was our guest judge and Vahid was our pupil judge. Everyone was very impressed with the standard of the arguments and the ability of the debaters to listen, rebut and propose. Dalton and Franklin were awarded joint second place to the overall winning team: Newton House, which was represented by Aviol (Yr11), Tom (Yr7) and Isaac (Yr8). Newton House was responsible for challenging the motion and made strong points about the commercial side of football, the viewers’ preferences and the more exciting, unpredictable nature of the mens’ tournaments. Malaika (Yr8), David (Yr8), Niki (Yr8) and George (Yr9), all made excellent, proposing points based on a well-researched and compelling case of discrimination in football.

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