Robotics Challenge

The Broomfield School Robotics team competed in the regional competition of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Lego Robotics challenge on 3rd March, Tuesday at Queen’s Mary University. The team competed against the top 13 schools in the UK and faced all the challenges they practised in the school, but with a much higher standard of competition.

The competition is split into 5 main categories: the speed challenge, the challenge mat, a group presentation, an unknown teamwork challenge and a robot design. Our team stood third in the Robotic Speed challenge and missed the top position by 0.10 seconds but we became the winner of Robot Design tasks.

Each student in the team has shown good level of dedication, resilience and determination since October 2019 and are still energetic to face the next challenge in 2020

Our team members are Isaac, Patryk, Anastazja, Niki, Safiya, Martyna, Angelo, Azad, Zakariya, Ethan(Student mentor)

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