Professional footballers inspire students

We were delighted to welcome Craig Clay, Adam Thomson and David Agyemang from Leyton Orient FC.

Craig and Adam have played professional football for years whereas David is 16 and is an Academy player. Our GCSE PE Year 10 and 11 students did an amazing Q&A session with them followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony on the new 3G football pitch in front of Year 7.

The players then 'scouted' our Year 7's identifying boys and girls with potential. Congratulations to Leo, Daniel, Noah, Kirsty, Oshiarna and Paola for being chosen.

"Meeting the Leyton Orient players today was inspiring. Adam and Craig's advice for being resilient through challenges, not just on the pitch but in my GCSE's made me really reflect on my approach to my studies" (Year 11 GCSE PE student)

"Being scouted by David the footballer who is only 16, was the proudest moment of my week! I can't believe he picked me out of everyone in the year group" (Year 7 student)