Oxford University Anthea Bell Translation Prize

Translate poetry and prose from Spanish to English

Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators. February-March 2022

The Queen’s College, Oxford.

Who was Anthea Bell?

The competition is inspired by the work of the translator Anthea Bell OBE (1936–2018), one of the finest and most influential literary translators of the 20th and 21st centuries.

What do I have to do?

The prize is made up of three sets of resource packs on translating poetry, fiction and non-fiction, which build towards a competition task. The resources are targeted at four levels in four languages (French, German, Mandarin and Spanish).

Which level do I enter?

Level 1: beginning of KS3 (or first year of learning the language)

Level 2: end of KS3 (or second and/or third year of learning the language)

Level 3: KS4 Level 4: KS5

When is the competition?

The competition will run in schools during a six-week window in the second half of the Spring term, from 21 February to 1 April. You can run the competition in school or you can set the competition as a homework task. Students can work on their translation in groups or pairs if they prefer. We ask that students receive no assistance from teachers or parents when completing the task.

How many pupils can enter?

Schools are welcome to submit entries for as many levels in as many languages as they wish, but we will ask that teachers submit only the top five entries for each level in each language from each school. Entries should be anonymised (to include only school name and an entry number). The closing date for teachers to submit entries to the competition will be 8 April 2022. 3

Who will judge the competition entries?

A team of Oxford undergraduates and professional translators will judge entries to the competition. Professional translators will be based in or originally from the area that they judge. Our judges look to reward creativity; winning entries will strike a balance between creativity and accuracy. You can read an interview with two of our national judges on their experience judging the competition in 2021. Area winners are selected for each level in each language. National winners and runners-up for each level in each language are selected from the area winners. Several commendations are awarded to recognise high quality work.

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