New Scientist Live Event at EXCEL

On Thursday 10th of October, 60 talented science students from KS3 got a glimpse of the future. This was though attending New Scientist Live- the biggest science festival in the UK. The festival held over 150 exhibits and immersive experiences showcasing the world's best technology and research.

Students were able to enjoy: the virtual reality experience of entering the Hadron collider (the world's first nuclear fusion reactor); taking selfies with robots and being ejected from a Martin-Baker aviation ejector seat. However, the highlight was listening to Tim Peake, the first British astronaut to visit the Mir Space Station and the seventh UK-born astronaut to go into space, talk about his experiences.

Space was a huge theme of the festival with a 'moon experience'; rocket-building workshops and the opportunity to see Curiosity's sister rover (a model of the rover that will land on Mars next summer). Students also were able to experience artificial intelligence robots and technologies that will change what it means to be human.

Finally, they were exposed to a number of university research stalls and research centres from large companies such as Rolls Royce, Dyson and PepsiCo. It was warming to see our students inspired and ready to be the world's next astronauts, engineers and researchers.

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