International Competition for Young Debaters - Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Finals Day 1st May: 150 competitors on Zoom.

Four pupils from the Debating Society represented Broomfield School and the country, as Swing Teams in the International Finals Day on Zoom. They competed with teams from Eton, City of London School for Girls, a school from Athens , NRGS and Winchester College. There were also over 150 young people from schools from Canada, UEA, Korea, China and India in the competition.

The teams had fifteen minutes’ notice to prepare their motion. Isaac and Malaika had to argue against the idea that we should pay parents benefits if their children do well at school. Niki and David had to argue in favour of the USA collaborating with Russia. These were two excellent debates! Isaac and Malaika came third out of four in round 1, beating a team from Eton. They also debated a second round entitled: This House believes we should be able to work from home permanently. The points they raised were excellent.

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