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Just in time before the recent General Election, an intrepid group of Key Stage 3 pupils voted to attend a politics workshop at Alexander Palace run by Parliaments Regional Outreach Officers.

The day was an interesting and thought-provoking introduction to British political institutions with topics including from the voting process, political constituencies and why the benches in the House of Lords are coloured red!

Pupils were encourage to participate in the process: they formed a “Cat” and the victorious “Dog” parties, nominated and elected cabinet and shadow posts, and discussed some of the most pressing issues affecting the world today (like poverty, the economy and climate change).

Pupils also got to vote on some of the issues raised to see some democracy in action, electronically casting their votes and seeing the results tallying right before their eyes!

It was an informative and fun morning that pupils learned and got a lot out of – and their exemplary behaviour was just as statesmanlike as the day’s subjects.

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