Exploitation a message from the Police

Might your child be at risk of exploitation? Here is an important message form our police services:

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We hereby share with you an important document from the Enfield and Haringey Police. It contains crucial information for you as a parent/carer in the safeguarding of your sons/daughters against any Child Sexual Exploitation or Child Criminal Exploitation. The document provides direct information on signs and concerns and important contacts to professional help services.

Might I also take this opportunity to remind you again that you can also complete the My concern/worry pop-up box on the school website if you would like to communicate with myself regarding a worry or concern you have around you sons/daughters’ safety and well-being.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Hormann

Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour, Welfare and Safety

Exploitation Document 2020 (Parents) Fin
Download • 206KB

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