The A-Z Enrichment Calendar at Broomfield.

Updated: Feb 16

Click Here to see your calendar of over 50 activities that we are offering @BroomfieldSch this year.The A-Z of enrichment includes debating @OxfordUnion and @UCL_Global in person. We offer a whole range of sports, music and drama activities as well as trips and very active virtual societies. We have a Pupil Leader for our Philosophy, Environmental, Mathematical, Library, Science, Debating, Law, Coding, Historical and Wellbeing societies. We have a Chess Team in the 20-20 internationals with coaching for all, offered by the Team leader at lunchtimes. We also have a strong volunteer group of Cultural Diversity Ambassadors and an exciting 'Pupil Expert Masterclass' programme of lunchtime talks in the Library, where pupils share their own interests and expertise: so far, these have included Feminism, Medieval punishments and Algebra, with plenty more booked in!

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