Deserved success at the end of a fantastic Basketball season for Broomfield Year 7-8 boys

A wonderful way to end the Basketball season, as Broomfield beat Chace 23-2. Chace played a great game and were very unlucky with a lot of shots not dropping in of the basket.

From a Broomfield perspective the most pleasing thing to see was the professionalism shown, pupils not once saw they were winning and deterred away from the plan, relaxed or try new things. Besart the captain deserves a lot of credit for this as his relentless message of keep going till the end at 100% was definitely noted by all.

It was difficult to identify an MVP with everyone playing a vital role, the choice was narrowed to two very strong candidates, Aaron and Daniel. Daniel just pipped Aaron as the consistency shown in executing lay ups with success was a target given to Daniel before the season, it was evident that this has been achieved through his endeavour and hard work throughout the season.

Although Broomfield missed out on qualification to the borough final by the narrowest of margins (1 win), the progress made by all pupils this season coupled with their passion for the game, there is no doubt this team is capable of some very special things down the line.

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