Broomfield triumphant as relentless training goes rewarded

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

After months of admirable commitment, dedication and motivation to turn up to training and a willingness to learn, Broomfield boys and girls were deservedly triumphant at the Enfield Borough Volleyball games.


The boys senior team won 2/3 of their games. The teamwork and communication was very pleasing to see and showed the hours put in practice. Unfortunately, the side narrowly lost out to a strong Southgate side 21-19 in the decider. Despite this the boys came runners up and won silver medals.

The boys junior side performed above and beyond considering the competition were 3 years older than them. The hunger and desire to succeed was so evident for all to see and despite their age they competed with the winners Southgate all the way, only losing 25-17. This team is certainly one to watch in future years if they carry on with their enthusiasm and commitment to volleyball.


The girls senior team, team spirit and camaraderie was evident from the second the first whistle went. This continued throughout the whole tournament and it was no surprise this spirit led to GOLD. The sportsmanship on display despite winning all games was noted by all schools and staff. The games itself included such high level volleyball skills, diving to get to the ball for digs, unbelievable blocks and ferocious spikes. The girls should be very proud of their deserved success.

The girls junior team competed so well winning half their games, the willingness to learn was clearly evident, as when their was an opportunity to learn something from a point in the game, leadership amongst the group voiced it in a wonderful manner to encourage success the next time.

The number of pupils who have shown such high level skill and commitment in volleyball has been a joy to see and bodes for such exciting times for Broomfield sport in the future.

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