Broomfield aspiring sports pupils inspired by Gold medal Great Britain Kayaker Georgia Carmichael

Broomfield pupils had the wonderful experience of meeting and being inspired by Great Britain athlete Georgia Carmichael. Georgia is a World cup silver medalist and 7x national champion in Kayaking.

The day began with Georgia delivering a fantastically motivating assembly on the ups and downs of her journey thus far. All Broomfiled pupils were astonished and mesmerised to hear the 6 hours plus training a day schedule, the carefully planned nutritional routine and how significant injuries can really affect a person careers. It was evident immediately the effect Georgia had on a lot of the aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen in the room. Pupils were already plotting how they were going to eat healthier and how they were going to fit extra training sessions into a day.

The pupils then were given an example strength and conditioning training session by Georgia. The engagement from all pupils was magnificent, pupils were trying their best to show they could complete a GB training programme. This included press ups, squats, balance exercises and sprints.

The final part of the day was very special for Broomfield pupils as they were given the opportunity to touch and wear Georgia's medals, GB kit, kayaking equipment and trophies. The excitement amongst the pupils was fantastic to see and who knows the inspiration drawn from this workshop could lead to Broomfield pupils winning their very own medals in the future.

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