Anti-bullying Days for Year 7 and 8

This June our Year 7 and 8 pupils were given the opportunity to show Broomfield's commitment to Standing Up Against Bullying.

It started with Mrs Hormann updating the Anti-bullying Policy of the school, on our return to school following lockdown. In this process seeking feedback from Ms Malli and our Pupil voice. Pupil Voice were given an opportunity to complete an Anti-bullying survey and the results from this survey were used to design an exciting Anti-bullying drop-down day programme for Year 7 and 8 pupils.

Much hard work went into preparing for these days:

  1. Ms Malli and the Year 9 Peer Mentors (Marcel, Lilly, Bianca, Sita and Beth) diligently and carefully recorded some short video clips of scenarios that challenged the audience and invited them to respond with practical solutions in combatting bullying in an around the school in what was titled the Bystander session.

  2. Mehmet and Dorothea interviewed Mrs Hormann regarding some pupil misconceptions that were out there, and this provided some clear answers to some important pupil questions and reiterated the school's complete commitment on all levels against bullying.

  3. Ms Backham prepared some very special Art resources for the Anti-bullying Art session which also resulted in some amazing posters being created by pupils and these being rewarded with stunning prizes from Ms Malli and the Peer Mentors.

  4. An outside agency called Education Group also prepared an exciting virtual anti-bullying session which gave pupils an opportunity to use state of the art technology in their efforts to combat practical everyday issues around bullying in the session titled The Virtual experience.

  5. Mrs Hormann put together a newfound relaxation session titled " Feel good, sound good and do good!" which invited pupils to simply lie down and allow their breath to do the rest of the work.

  6. Mrs Tansely and Mrs Nash prepared an exhilarating Teambuilding session to ensure the audience was inspired to go back to basics. Basic values such: trust, friendship, kindness and collaboration and the power that these hold in bringing Broomfield pupils together again; functioning in harmony in and outside of school.

  7. Bespoke Anti-bullying assemblies were also created especially for those drop-down days by Mrs Nash.

  8. Year 7 and 8 Peer Mentors applied to join Pupil Voice and are ready to showcase the best work of those days in some Anti-buttling displays around the form classes.

So, the Anti-bullying Programme for June 2021 was created and successfully delivered by our wonderful staff and welcomed by year 7 and 8.


Here are some photos and clips of our pupils' experiences:

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