All years Tabletennis competition @ London Academy

Broomfield School made significant improvements across all year groups during this years competition at London Academy. Most teams made fantastic improvements with the results that they obtained and some individual students progressed rapidly during each of the games that they played.

Round 1 U16 boys. In the group they played 2 schools and they won 6 out of 8 matches (against Fortsmere). The team consisted of Ronnie Vuka, Roni Kizlikaya, Andrei Ganea (C) and Ricky Greaves.

Round 1

U13 girls Vs. Jcoss Both Sky and Saniya lost their matches, narrowly, but made significant improvements.

Round 2 U13 girls Vs. London Academy. Both Sky and Saniya won all of their matches and played extremely well.

Round 1 U13 boys. Casey, Hamza, Emre and Elijah played six matches. Although they did not win any games, Casey won a game.

Round 2 U13 boys played London Academy and were defeated.

Round 1 U16 girls played against Jewish Community School. Luna, Sara and Zahrah played well.

U16 boys got a bye to round 3.

Round 3 Ronnie, Roni, Andrei Ganea and Ricky drew

this round 4-4 and as a result played against London Academy in the final.

The U16 boys reached the final and played against some very skilful tabletennis players who played both club and National tabletennis for England. Although the boys did not win the final, each of the boys played fantastically and narrowly lost out in the games that they played.

We are looking forward to next years tabletennis competition as we fully believe that we will improve as a school and become even more difficult to play against. Onwards and upwards!

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