A Day in the Alps

At Broomfield we want to ensure that all of our pupils have the opportuinty to have some amazing expereinces that they might not otherwise enjoy.

On Friday 5th July, 30 of our KS3 pupils visited the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead where they expeienced a Day in the Alps . They had lessons on snowboarding and skiing, and had a great time on the Ringo Slide.

Marcel 7F:

The skiing trip was the best trip of my life and because it was my birthday that day, I got lots of birthday wishes which made me feel very special. Snowboarding was the best, I got to board down the slopes.

Comment from Kieran 7M:

The skiing trip was fun and interesting

Comment from Bryan 7F:

The skiing trip was the best trip in Year 7! We didn’t only ski, but we also got to snowboard and go down the ringo slide. It was really fun watching and skiing with my friends and the teachers. I really liked it, it felt like I was really at a mountain. All the instructors helped us understand what to do.

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