At Broomfield we pride ourselves in our endeavours to build and maintain a strong school community. Part of building our community is the quality of the pastoral care we provide for all our pupils. This is underpinned with a home-school-agreement, which emphasises and encourages good communication between home and school, working together in partnership to ensure future success for our young people.

Meet Our Team

In addition to form tutors our non-teaching pastoral staff led by Ms Deufemia (Senior Pastoral Support Officer) provide an additional layer of social and emotional support to all pupils, on a daily basis, in their response to pastoral matters that may arise.


The pastoral team approach and address matters with fairness, justice for all, equality and kindness. Through the work of the form tutors, teaching and non-teaching staff and Achievement Directors, the school expects and achieves high standards of behaviour and appearance.


The wearing of uniform is compulsory.


Parents are welcome to come and discuss their child’s individual progress whenever they have concerns.

The school expects the highest standards of courtesy and behaviour from each of its pupils.  We will not tolerate bullying.  We will not tolerate disruption to lessons.  

We say to our pupils:

  • please arrive at school in good time;  do not be late,

  • please ensure that full school-uniform is adhered to,       

  • please ensure that you come fully equipped and ready to start work from the first lesson of the day,

  • please ensure that your homework is done and done well,

  • please work very hard in your lessons and listen carefully to the advice and guidance given by your teachers.

We encourage our pupils to take responsibility.  

We have School Council representatives in each of the forms.  

We have Year 11 prefects.   

There are many other opportunities to contribute to and to shape our school community.  

Mrs Hӧrmann

Assistant Head Teacher for Pupil Welfare, Behaviour and Safety

Mrs Green

Acting Associate Assistant Head -Achievement Director - KS4

Ms Gray

Achievement Director - KS3

Mrs Malli

Achievement Director - KS3

Ms Millen

Acting Achievement Director - KS4

Mrs Deufemia

Senior Pastoral Support Officer

The Achievement Directors, alongside form tutors and pastoral support staff are a strong and competent team, who work closely with the school’s Learning Support staff; Key Workers, Head of Departments, external agencies such as: Education Welfare, the Educational Psychology Service, our School Councillors and Social Services, in providing the best and appropriate care for all our pupils.

Pupils have daily morning contact with their form tutors and form tutors provide a listening ear, support with any issues of the day or any concerns raised by pupils. Form tutors also form the first point of contact with parents in ensuring transition and daily school life runs smoothly for all our pupils. Our pastoral team deal with all matters of attendance, punctuality, uniform, behaviour and social and emotional needs.

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