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Head's Welcome

Broomfield School is a truly diverse community filled with students who have great character, a thirst for learning and ambition to do well.  As the new Headteacher of this wonderful school I feel both excited and honoured at having the opportunity to lead  our young people on their educational journey. 


Broomfield is a smaller than average secondary school that is filled with teachers who go above and beyond to serve the students that enter their classrooms, whether this be to support them with securing scholarships to access independent post-16 provision, or to 


support with additional intervention to develop confidence with learning.  The foundation of our school is built upon school staff and students having positive relationships and valuing each young person for their uniqueness and individual talents.  Here at Broomfield we acknowledge the needs of all our students and will strive not only for academic success but to ensure that we develop the whole child, in order to prepare them for 21st century life.  Our overall curriculum intent is based on four key areas that operate throughout the school:

  • Curriculum

  • Character

  • Culture

  • Community

The ethos of our school is built upon high expectations, good behaviour, mutual respect and the ambition to do well.  We also believe in working in partnership with our students and the community to ensure that all of our young people maximise their potential and are exposed to as many learning opportunities as possible. 

Our aim is for every student at Broomfield to complete year 11 with a fond set of memories, character attributes that prepare them for life beyond school and exam outcomes that enable them to progress to the next stage of their education.   We do this by:


  • ensuring that lessons are ambitious and well taught; 

  • ensuring behaviour rules are respected and followed at all times; 

  • ensuring there are  support , intervention and challenge programmes to support academic progress

  • having  a range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities accessible to all

  • rewarding students for effort, achievement, participation and good behaviour 

  • listening to our young people, making sure that they are happy and safe in school and in the community

  • celebrating culture, diversity and identity 

  • developing resilience in our young people to deal with challenges faced by young people in today’s world 

  • teaching kindness and demonstrating kindness in all our interactions


We are a school that has classrooms  full of happy and polite young people ready to work hard and aim high.  Feel free to get in touch and book an appointment to see for yourselves!




Ms Christofi 


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