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Google Classroom

28th April 2020


Dear Parent/Carer and Pupil,


Re: Google Classroom


We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and are keeping well.


As you will be aware from my recent letter, we are starting to put work for pupils onto Google Classroom rather than simply on the School’s website. This has the following advantages:

  • work can be set for individual classes rather than just for the whole year-group;

  • pupils can then electronically submit their work to their teachers;

  • teachers can look at this work to see how the class is coping with it and if necessary give extra explanations or set more challenging work;

  • work can be returned by the teacher to the pupil for marking;

  • pupils can make a ‘green pen’ response to their work and also return this to their teachers for them to assess.

To gain access to this work on Google Classroom, pupils are to take the following steps.

  1. Either go to your app store and download Google Classroom or navigate to Google Classroom in your web browser. (It is best to use Chrome.)

  2. You may already have a Google account; however, it is important that you log in to your Broomfield School account to do this.

  3. Your login details are your usual user name that you would use at school which ends .308 - this should be stuck in your planner. You must include the following with this:

For example, for pupil Tom Jones it would be


The highlighted section is your usual user name.

  1. Your password will also be your usual one that you use at school. This is usually a random word followed by some numbers. Again, this should be in your planner.

  2. Once logged in you will be able to see folders for most of your subjects. These folders contain the work that you need to complete.

  3. If there are any subjects missing you will need to enter a class code. These codes can be found on the School website in the year folders and subject folders. An example of this is Science

  4. We are aware that there are often shared demands on the IT within your homes. If pupils are unable to complete work electronically they can do it on paper and submit it as a photograph.

We appreciate that this is a very new way of learning for our pupils, and also for our teachers who are used to teaching a room full of pupils. We are working to improve our offer of work and support to our pupils during this lockdown period and see the use of Google Classroom as an important step forward.

For those pupils who do not have access to online learning, we shall this week be posting packs of work out to you. Please do the work and save it carefully to be returned to your teachers once the lockdown comes to an end. We intend to post fresh work to you frequently.

Should you not yet have informed us that you do not have the means to access work electronically, please contact the School on that we can get work to you.

As you will no doubt be aware from the news, some pupils will be entitled to a laptop and an internet connection from the Government. We are looking into this for our pupils.

With very best wishes to you and your families. Enjoy your learning and keep safe.

Yours faithfully,

P. P. Travis,

Head Teacher.

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