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Enrichment and Clubs


Broomfield School offers excellent enrichment for pupils.  We have a unique array of Virtual Societies which are very active as they give pupils a chance to play a leading role.  We want every pupil to find something that interest them and develops them into a rounded person, excited by life’s challenges and ready for their next step.


Pupils can choose from Art Club, Chess Club, Coding Club through to Law, Debating and Philosophy Societies.  There are plenty of music, PE and drama opportunities as well.


Our Debating Society competes at the highest level with regional, national and International teams.  We have twice entered for the English Speaking Union Schools’ Mace, against top Independent and State Sixth forms.  Our younger debaters love this challenge.  We have also debated in all-day sessions against 190 contestants in the UCL Schools Debating and the Oxford and Cambridge International Competition for Young Debaters.  Our will be receiving training from the Oxford Union undergraduate debaters and competing in a bespoke tournament against St Christopher’s school in Birmingham.


Our Law Society is about to enter the Magistrates Mock Trial competition and has been rehearsing by re-enacting the historical trials of Galileo, Socrates, Joan of Arc and the Salem ‘witches’. 


Our clubs and societies also support our Scholarship Pathway programme as pupils make their way to top Independent schools’ Open Days and think about applying for bursaries.

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All pupils are allocated to one of four Houses.

Newton House Posters A1 (1).png
Anning House Posters A1 (1).png

Friendly rivalry and competition between the Houses each term in sports fixtures and departmental competitions develop a sense of belonging and community among our senior and junior pupils.  


All staff, whether teaching, support or administrative also belong to one of the Houses and offer enthusiastic support for their House on all these competitive occasions.

Departmental enrichment activities

Day trips and residential trips

Clubs and Societies and competitions

All of the above can be linked to Achievement/ House points and act as strong motivators for a positive learning experience

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