WIB West Lea in Broomfield


West Lea School are always looking for positive ways to branch out into the community! WIB (West Lea in Broomfield) is an ARP (additional resourced provision) established to support children with special needs in a mainstream setting. Learners attend mainstream lessons but are also timetabled to be in the WIB resource base. The WIB programme is managed by an experienced SEN Teacher, and also two qualified teaching assistants.  Essentially WIB learners are able to access all the benefits of a mainstream school in Broomfield but with the support of West Lea staff in WIB. We have a purpose built resource base within Broomfield school which accommodates for learners needs throughout the school day.  Learners are welcome to join the small WIB community during unstructured times (break and lunch), where they are encouraged to develop friendships and engage in staff supported activities.  As well as having games and computer afternoons, we also use the shops in the local community to gain confidence in real life situations.

The learners have the opportunity to access a range of GCSE and BTEC courses within the mainstream setting and can also attain AQA unit awards. The Unit Award Scheme (UAS) is a ‘can do’ accreditation scheme for recognising learning and success. It rewards participants for personal progress and achievements which are often not recognised by more formal qualifications.  Used with learners of all abilities, the scheme covers virtually all subject areas and activities from Pre-entry to Level 3.  As an on-demand scheme, learners complete units and receive certificates throughout the year.  All accreditations are obtained to develop a ‘suitcase’ of skills that our young learners can take with them into the real world.  The learners who attend WIB are on West Lea School roll and so can also access the post 16 opportunities available to all West Lea learners, subject to entry requirements being met.