The dress code is strict, but does leave some room for flexibility for students to express their personal preferences and cultural identity.



Plain white – long or short sleeve shirt

Plain white - long or short sleeve shirt

Black Blazer with embroidered badge on pocket

Black Blazer with embroidered badge on pocket

Year Group tie

Year Group tie

Plain black trousers with logo

Plain black trousers with logo / a plain 'A' shaped tartan skirt

Black socks

Black socks / Plain black tights

Plain black shoes with no markings (NO trainers)

Plain black shoes with no markings (NO trainers)

Black jumper with School badge 

Black jumper or cardigan with School badge 


All uniform should be clearly labelled with pupil’s name (especially ties and blazers).

Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be black or white.  Face veils are not allowed.

A long black skirt may be worn on top of Broomfield trousers, also for religious reasons.

Only school uniform should be worn to and from school and throughout the school day.  Hats and coats should be removed on entry to the school building. Non-uniform items may be confiscated.

The uniform identifies pupils as part of the school community and it is expected that all pupils wear their uniform correctly and dress appropriately.  Please note:

  • Pupils are not allowed fashion jewellery other than a wrist watch and a small pair of stud earrings  - no other piercings are allowed
  • Hairstyle and colour must be appropriate, with no shaved patterns
  • Nail varnish and excessive make up are not allowed, acrylic nails are a health and safety hazard within school and are not acceptable
  • Shirts should be tucked in. 
  • Top buttons should be done up and ties clipped on correctly. 
  • Blazers must be worn at all times, but can be taken off during lessons and during break and lunch times.  Blazers must be worn during assemblies.
  • Trousers must not be worn below the waist.
  • Trainers will not be allowed inside the buildings, but may be worn during lunchtime, break time and during PE.
  • Girls’ skirts should be “A” line and knee length. 
  • In the event of any dispute regarding appearance, the Head Teacher’s decision will be final.

School PE Kit

PE Kit: White T-shirt with school badge, grey sweatshirt with logo, black tracksuit bottoms or shorts and trainers.

Pupils must bring in a full PE kit every lesson even if they feel ill or are injured.  If there is any reason why they are unable to bring their full kit they should bring a note to explain this.  Failure to do this will result in a PE detention.

All Broomfield School Uniform is available online at http://smithsschoolwear.co.uk/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=27_178_189 

Equipment and valuables

It is expected that all pupils arrive at school fully prepared for the day ahead.  This means having all the correct equipment.  Lessons are slowed by pupils who are not fully equipped and the learning of the class suffers as a result.  It is recommended that pupils pack their bag the night before to save rushing in the morning.

All pupils must bring with them every day:

  • A strong waterproof bag big enough to hold an A4 size folder
  • Pupil planner
  • Pencil case containing at least 2 pens, 2 pencils, pencil sharpener ruler, rubber, colouring pencils, compass and protractor.
  • Reading book
  • PE kit (on the day needed)
  • Correct exercise books
  • It is also useful, but not compulsory, to have a calculator and a dictionary.


Mobile Phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices 

Mobile phones, MP3 players, other electronic devices and the headphones for the use of any such device should not be seen or used in the school buildings at any time and we would strongly advise that such items are not brought into school.

If parents or carers wish pupils to bring these items into school they must be kept in bags and used only in outside areas, on the way to school or on the way home.  The school accepts no responsibility in the case of theft, loss or damage.  If seen in school they will be confiscated and returned at 3.45pm, however more severe sanctions, including banning the pupil’s mobile phone, may be incurred for persistent offenders or for failing to immediately comply with a teacher’s request.