School Meals

What is Available?

Broomfield School is proud to provide its own catering service to pupils, which means we are able to provide nutritious meals throughout the day that met the needs of our pupils.

Pupils are able to use the canteen three times during the day:

  • Breakfast - 8am to 8.20am
  • Morning Break - 10.55am to 11.15am
  • Lunchtime - 12.30pm to 1pm

At breakfast pupils can chose from a variety of hot and cold options including cereal, beans on toast and croissants.

Morning break offers pupils the options of a variety of sandwiches, bagels and baguettes, cheese on toast and fruit options.

For details of our current lunch menu please click here 

How do I pay?

Broomfield School uses Parentpay to provide cashless catering to our pupils. You childs account can be topped up online at

This is a fast and  efficient method of payment.

Your child’s Parentpay account should always be in credit for them to be able to purchase food.  Should you wish to do so the School can assist you in putting spending limits on your child’s account. Each child can currently spend up to a limit of £5.00 per session (breakfast, break time and lunch).  This can be reduced at your request.

Broomfield school has a policy of not allowing pupils to go hungry however, if your account reaches  -£2.50, your child will only be allowed to take a basic lunch,  if after two days the account is not topped up,  the school will phone you and inform you that your child will not be able to purchase food from the canteen and you will need to make other lunch arrangements, until the account is back in  credit.

Free School Meals

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