The library is based on the ground floor next to the school hall. It is open daily Monday to  Friday. Our librarian Mr Drummond and he will help you find anything you need.

The library has 2 computers and a fully interactive white board as well as, a scanner, photocopier and printer. 

We ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy reading, Manga Workshops, Word Book Day programme and other reading initiatives.  Links with departments in the school ensure we have relevant resources for all subjects; many subject teachers take advantage of the facilities we offer and bring classes in for research.

The library is popular with pupils throughout the school, and they have the opportunity to become Library Monitors.

There are books that appeal to all tastes and interests.  Reference, text and non-fiction books are available, as well as up to date periodicals to support learning.  We have a huge range of fiction, from classics to current best-sellers, and we welcome requests for new titles.  We also have picture books, comics, Quick Reads, novels in other languages to borrow.