Pastoral Welfare, Support and Enjoyment

We aim to provide the highest standards of pastoral support and care for every pupil at the school.  Every member of staff has a pastoral dimension to his or her role, whether this be the form teacher, the classroom teacher or the midday supervisor.  Each year group has an Achievement Director and there is further support from a team of Pastoral Support Officers.  This ensures that the needs of all pupils are fully met.  Where necessary the school draws upon the specialisms of external agencies.  The School also has two School Counsellor’s to whom pupils can be referred if there is a need.

We recognise that for pupils to achieve to their full potential they must all feel welcomed, supported and cared for. 

The school expects the highest standards of courtesy and behaviour from each of its pupils.  We will not tolerate bullying.  We will not tolerate disruption to lessons.  We say to our pupils:

·         please arrive at school in good time;  do not be late,

·         please ensure that full school-uniform is adhered to,

·         please ensure that you come fully equipped and ready to start work from the first lesson of the day,

·         please ensure that your homework is done and done well,

·         please work very hard in your lessons and listen carefully to the advice and guidance given by your teachers.


We encourage our pupils to take responsibility.  We have School Council representatives in each of the forms.  We have Year 11 prefects.   There are many other opportunities to contribute to and to shape our school community. 

Communication with the pastoral team

Should you need to contact the school, the school’s Achievement Directors are available to answer any concerns that you may have whether these be academic or pastoral.

Key Stage 3  (Yr 7/8/9)            -               Mrs Green

Key Stage 4 (Yr 10/ 11)           -               Ms Hormann

The school also a Senior Pastoral Support Officer - Ms Deufemia who may similarly be contacted over academic and pastoral concern.