Our commitment to our pupils is to provide each and every one with the very best education, whatever his or her talents and abilities.  Our pupils have tremendous gifts and we are committed to working tirelessly to give every encouragement and opportunity so that all might achieve their full potential.  We want our pupils to get great enjoyment from their education and their success. 

To this end we set challenging and realistic targets in each of their subjects; we encourage all pupils to hit or exceed every targets; we monitor progress to these targets, informing pupils and parents of how they are doing and we put in additional support when pupils are not progressing as they should.

We not only want our pupils to excel academically but to enjoy their learning and achievement.  We want our pupils to be captivated and thrilled by their education and to become lifelong learners.  Our teachers plan their lessons very carefully and they also work as teams to discuss and implement ways in which lessons and learning might be further improved. 

Great emphasis is placed upon the core subjects of English, mathematics and science.  Success in these subjects is regarded as vital and support will be given should a pupil’s progress in these areas not be as strong as it should be.

We are also committed to success in all of our other subjects.  We are committed to modern foreign languages, to the arts, to the social sciences and to the technologies. 

We truly seek to provide a balanced curriculum that fully meets the needs of our boys and girls, engages and thrills them and enables them to learn about the world and themselves and prepares them for further studies, the world of work and their lives ahead.

Those pupils who are lucky enough to already have a language in addition to English are encouraged to continue with this and indeed to take it as an examination where this is possible.  We encourage additional interests, for instance Latin is studied by a number of our gifted and talented pupils.