All pupils are allocated to one of four Houses. Friendly rivalry and competition between the Houses each term in sports fixtures and departmental competitions develop a sense of belonging and community amongst our senior and junior pupils.  All staff, whether teaching, support or administrative also belong to one of the Houses and offer enthusiastic support for their House on all these competitive occasions.

Departmental enrichment activities

Day trips and residential trips

Clubs and Societies and competitions

All of the above can be linked to Achievement/ House points and act as strong motivators for a positive learning experience

 Rewards at Broomfield School

We believe rewards change behaviour. Our pupils receive daily emotional feedback in the form of smiles and thank yous. Then we have our more tangible rewards across the school.

Broomfield School’s tangible rewards:

Achievement points, stickers in books, post cards home, positive phone call home, rewards trips, pupil of the week, celebration assemblies each term: subject awards, attendance (bronze, silver, gold), AD awards, merit challenge, Form tutor awards, Jack Petchy awards, Merit Challenge Awards

Daily raffle ticket prizes

House competitions =  rewards

Our programme of enrichment activities is extensive.  We encourage our pupils to have wide interests. 

In music and the arts we offer choir, dance, drama and a wide variety of musical instruments.  In the area of athletics and sport, our offer includes basketball, cricket, football and netball.

Each year a number of whole-school events are produced.  For instance, we have a school play, a musical evening, Sports Day and special events such as the highly acclaimed International Evening which celebrates the diversity of our school.

We recognise the importance of extra-curricular trips and there are many opportunities for pupils in each year group to benefit from such visits.

We encourage pupils and students to play a full part in the life of the school.  For instance, older pupils are encouraged to assist younger pupils with their transition to secondary school and with their reading and mathematics.  The school has a strong gifted and talented programme.