A Transforming building

Since the Summer of 2013 Broomfield School and its site have been improved and developed beyond recognition, following huge investment from the Local Authority and the School. Over the last three year improvements have included:

¨ Two state of the art Science Labs,

¨ Works to the building and infrastructure for fire protection systems;

¨ New windows to the front of the building,

¨ The school becoming more energy efficient as part of the Re:Fit programme,

¨ New flooring to all corridors,

¨ Upgraded entrance,

¨ A new pupils entrance gate,

¨ Renovations to corridors and classrooms,

¨ New IT infrastructure.

Broomfield is now about to embark on £2.1 million of building works which will see  improvements across the site including:

¨ A new sports hall and gym roof,

¨ A new heating system,

¨ New Hot Water system,

¨ New windows,

¨ Redecorations to classrooms.